Coming Home


lady dj performance

I’ve been trying to write this post since April. These last four months have been jam-packed. In May I had a handful of performances and the one at my school was the straw that broke the camel’s back. A lot of tutors and students attended the performance and it was live-streamed on Youtube. It was only one song, a collaboration with the talented Freak A. Della about women in electronic music. After that, I had a steady flow of requests to lay vocals down on tracks for people. Even though performing is so nerve-wracking and I’m always nervous about messing up and not putting on good show, it’s the ultimate synthesis of all the hard work that goes into writing, composing, arranging, recording, and producing music and when people feel you, feel where you’re comin from, it’s so affirming. I had a sort of going away performance at the PMW Presents: Hip Hop Around the World event at Keller and it was so much fun – I wasn’t overpowered by my nervousness, I knew about half of the people there, and I felt comfortable, confident, fortunate to share all the work and collaborations I did with other producers with anyone who wanted to hear them.


I wish I’d had more time to practice mixing with the equipment available at the school studios. I finally got the hang of it at the very end of the school year and once you leave the studio setting, unless you’ve got a tricked-out home studio, you don’t see that kind of equipment around. I understand the principles of recording, mixing, and mastering though and I crushed the Pro Tools 101 certification exam with a 48/50, the highest score in my class. I had nothing more I wanted to do in Berlin; I gave the year my all and was able to taste the fruit of that labor.


Coming home has been culture shock for sure. Everything is Trump this, Trump that. Gun violence and tense community-police relations hover in the air like big gray clouds. Being with my family in the woods, near the coast, grilling meat and watching Jeopardy has been precious.

The future is in the front of my mind. I’ve been sick for awhile and all that time in bed enabled me to research music studios in LA, search for apartments in Pasadena, build a Breezy website, and organize a compilation cd for my beloved crowdfunders. I’ll launch the website and mail out the cds within the next week or two, so stay tuned. But I will not forget the past. dBs Music and Berlin and it’s melting pot of a music scene has given me so much. I know I’ll be back to Berlin one day – it’s too special not to go back.

Thanks for staying with me on my journey to Germany to become a producer. It’s been a challenging year and a wild ride and I’m looking forward to returning to LA to continue working in music and trying to make an impact.

Love, Breezy


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